Thursday, October 28, 2004

James John Darst, 1941-1954

James John Darst (1941-1954); the son of Harold Desmond Darst (1907-1987); the son of Paul Leonard Darst (1880-1946); the son of James McGrew Darst (1854-1934); the son of David Darst (1821-1909); the son of John Darst (1772-1860); the son of Abraham Darst (1745-1822); the son of Abraham Derst (1725-1772), our Pfeddersheim immigrant drowned ...
Drowns in Swift Water
Robert Carley, 29, of Pleasant Valley (Iowa county), drowned Sunday when he waded into swift water in the Wisconsin River 2 1/2 miles west of Lone Rock.
Henry Hoffman, 22, Milwaukee, fell from a motorboat on a turn and drowned Sunday in Wind Lake.
James Scott, 21, Watersmeet, Mich., was a drowning victim in Lake Nokomis in Oneida county. He was swimming.
A 12-year-old Milwaukee boy, James Darst, drowned in Muskego Lake Saturday while trying to swim to a raft 100 feet offshore.
Donald Gross, 12, of Alma, said to be the best swimmer in his boy scout troop, drowned Saturday while swimmimg with other children in the Mississippi River at Alma.

Monday 14 JUN 1954 - Oshkosh Daily Northwestern, Oshkosh, Wisconsin